Olga Noskova

art confectioner
Olga Noskova's cakes are rightly considered to be the best glossy cakes in the confectionery industry in Russia. There are a lot of confectioners who make similar cakes, but only she was paid attention by all the world media and even such stars as Britney Spears and Miroslava Duma, Google and Aeroflot.

The secret is in the glaze. which can be learnt at her master classes.
Olga Noskova - one of the most famous cake-bloggers
and art-confectioners in the world.

MEDIA about Olga:
The Independent UK: The glazing on these cakes is so perfect it's borderline pornographic. The news is quoted on Lenta.ru.
Cosmopolitan Russia: Her cakes are a real work of art!
BuzzFeed: People Are Loving This Woman's Mirror Finish Cakes. The news is quoted on Wikidee.
Daily Mail UK: The fairest of them all! Russian baker's marble mirror desserts with stunning flawless glaze look almost TOO good to eat.
Grazia Germany: Eigentlich zu schön zum Essen: "Glossy Cakes" (glossy cakes: really too beautiful to eat).
Today: These stunning, shiny cakes are making the internet drool.
Bravo TV: These Mirror Cakes Are the Most Glamorous Desserts We've Seen All Year.
Afisha Daily: The confectioner from Ufa was nominated for the international award in the field of social networks (The 9th Annual Shorty Awards).

EVENTS with Olga's participation:
TV show in China "Day Day Up" (2016). Festival "Moscow Jam" with Nemeryuk (2016). In New York, the finalist of the award as the most famous blogger in social networks in the category "Food" (2016). Exhibition of Creativity and Design in Chengdu (2017). Also participated with her cakes in a charity auction at Lena Perminova.
13-15 april - Barcelona, Spain
9-11 may - Salt Lake City, USA

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